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Something extraordinary happens when you feel ancient images responding to your adult life experience. It can feel like you were 'meant to be there', as if the story was waiting for you all along.

And the effect is multiplied by community and wild spaces...

Our approach has been called 'a unique and powerful practice to bring people together'. We prefer mythic common ground.


– Is your team at a point of innovation or transition?
- How are you staying close to one another for the long run?

– When was the last time you shared a meaningful experience? 

Share sunsets, forest walks, fire. Meet yourselves in ancient images.

Through timeless, mythic lenses and wild experiences, The heart of your story offers unique moments and a shared language for leaders and their teams to see themselves more clearly: to go beyond the framework of "colleagues" and truly meet the people in the circle.

Our approach

This project is interested in how organisations can prepare for new futures and moments of transformation for their organisations.

We've seen the power ancient stories and community connection techniques can have,  resourcing changemakers and aiding in positive change for all.

The opportunities are wide reaching...

How can we support you?

Powerful, deeply resourced workshops and away days to support leaders and their teams as they face threshold moments with long-term implications...

"The evening on the moor opened up possibilities of how stories can initiate healing, how they made me realise that we aren't too different from each other."

Kara de los Reyes, Terra Lupa

Described as "unusual" and "life affirming" these experiences guarantee one thing: somewhere inside you, doors will begin to open.

A gentle warning: meeting one another in such depth can feel unusual. It's 'meaning of life' material. Only the bravest organisations should seek to urge their people into mythic terrain.

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