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What could it mean to connect with authenticity?

Unique gatherings for community reconnection

2hrs, up to 40 people


When it comes to nature-connection, community sharing and oral storytelling, a matter of hours is all it takes to begin to make meaningful connections and perspective shifts to last a lifetime.

These portable, scalable and accessible workshops are access points to rare moments of community sharing.

Reward high performing staff with experiences far beyond the day-to-day. Help disparate teams - area managers for example - to forge meaningful connections. 

Universal, mythic themes meet the imaginations and life experience of each individual in their own private way. For every participant there will be at least one example of a perspective shifting moment or an 'opening' which will serve them for life. And the effects are multiplied for the whole group.

We recommend these workshops as a precursor to our Away Days to give you a taster. If you connect with our approach in a meaningful way, we will be happy to work with you to create deeper experiences in support of your organisational challenges.

Bring your community closer together by helping individuals step closer to themselves.


Traditional oral tales supported by nature-connection practices and unique moments of community connection.

  • Give your community common ground and a common language.

  • Let the shared experience fuel the fires for years to come.

  • Find clarity and spaciousness even in the most demanding circumstances.

  • Let our experienced hosts take the strain whilst you take a breath, put down your responsibilities (they'll be waiting for you on the way out). 

  • Access the hidden potential of the oral tradition, carrying ancient wisdom with you for the rest of your life (within your organisation and far beyond).

Gani Naylor, Facilitator

"I just see it time and time again, people coming out going 'Wow, I didn't realise I was able to be me here and it feels okay'."

Lyn, Urban Biodiversity

"I was moved the laugh and cry. I leave feeling more whole than when I arrived."


"I didn't know what to expect and was really struck by the beauty and timelessness of the stories. Much left to ponder."

Our approach

This project is interested in how organisations can prepare for new futures and moments of transformation for their organisations.

We've seen the power ancient stories and community connection techniques can have,  resourcing intrepid organisations and changemakers and aiding in positive change for all.

The opportunities are wide reaching...

A gentle warning: meeting one another in such depth can feel unusual. It's 'meaning of life' material. Only the bravest organisations should seek to urge their people into mythic terrain.

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